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Giant Balloon Strategy for Arena 10 in Clash Royale


Hey everybody, its me Here with my first ever guide on this clash royale strategy blog. Today I’m going to be showing you my Giant loon beat down deck. I used this deck to get into legendary arena.
This Deck is a relatively cheap deck at 3.6 elixir but when played correctly, it is almost impossible to lose with. The deck is very versatile and it can be used against almost any deck in game, it also contains just one legendary card but it has multiple replacements. This deck requires very good cycling but with time and practice, anyone can use it.

Giant Balloon Beat down Deck
Card Break down

Balloon: Your primary win condition. This card is used only in double elixir time. I only use it in double elixir time because at this point, your opponent has seen a few of your other pushes and they would probably have gotten used to them by then, but when this mean upgraded flying bomber comes in at double elixir time under rage, your opponent would have almost no time to react because it will be completely unexpected. Not playing this card till double elixir time gives you the element of surprise and most of the time your opponent wouldn’t know what to do when they see the balloon coming in so I don’t recommend playing it before then.
Giant: Arguably the most important part of this deck, the giant is your second win condition. If he is in my starting hand at the beginning of the battle, I drop him at the back of my king tower before my elixir bar is full and immediately back him up with whatever I can (except the balloon, of course). With this Deck you don’t want to be constantly defending because you can easily get out cycled due to the heavy number of spells present in this deck. Don’t be afraid to drop your giant on defense, because good cycling is very key in this deck.
Electro Wizard: Electrons! The electro wizard is such an amazing card and he fits in this deck extremely well. In this deck, he is mainly used for defense, but if the opportunity presents its self, you can use him on the counter attack with your giant. due to the recent buff in its health, it can’t be fireballed except your opponent has an overleved fireball. If you don’t have him, you can replace him with the Ice wizard, Archers, Mega minion or 3 elixir minions.
Musketeer: This is another main defensive/Offensive card. It has a very long range and it can shred tanks when protected. I also use it to back up my giant at the beginning of battles. How I use it depends on the flow of the battle, if my opponent has very heavy tanks, I hardly use it on offense unless I know I can cycle back to it, but if your opponent has lighter tanks like the hog rider or miner, you can use it on offense regularly. Its also one of the only air targeting units in this deck so I recommend you use it wisely.
Rage spell: this is what makes the double elixir push extremely deadly. Just like the balloon, I don’t recommend you use this before double elixir time so that you have the element of surprise in double elixir time. I hardly use this on defense but there have been a few cases were I had to, otherwise, use it for only offense in double elixir time.
Zap: Quick, precise and cheap, this card is extremely versatile, Can be used to clear out skamry, reset an inferno tower etc. This deck needs you to cycle wisely, so if you see a troop like a witch, wizard, musketeer, Or anything above 4 elixir, you can pair the zap with the fireball to hit the troop and the Tower , some might call it a negative elixir trade, but when you consider the amount of tower damage and the troop(s) you took out, I don’t think so.
Tombstone: The Legendary defensive building. For only 3 elixir, it provides insane value, making it hard for Giants, P.E.K.K.A, Sparky, Prince, Hog Rider, etc. to reach your tower. when paired with the electro wizard and/or the musketeer, it will stop most pushes.
Fireball: direct damage spell. Use the Fireball + zap to kill Witch, Wizard, Musketeer etc. It can be used to finish off an Arena Tower at low health or a pesky furnace at half health. On offense, you can use prediction Fireballs to take out minion hordes, tombstones etc when pushing. Don’t be afraid to use it on goblin barrels if your zap isn’t capable of killing the goblin barrel.

Game Plan
Before Double elixir time
The beginning of the battle is very important because it helps you to plan for double elixir time. If you have the tombstone is your cycle at the beginning, you place it with a standard 4 -3 plant. If you have the giant, play it at the back and then back it up with the musketeer. If you have the fireball and zap have them at hand and wait for your opponent to make a move, if you opponent drops down a card that can be fireball + zapped, then do it because in this deck, cycling is key due to the nature of the deck. As the match progresses you want to continue with the giant pushes because you need to apply constant pressure on your opponent and have an idea of all his counters to you mini pushes before double elixir time.

During Double Elixir time
A few seconds before double elixir, start out your giant at the back, then drop the musket behind him, and when they get to the brigde you drop your balloon, at this point your opponent wont be expecting this so you drop a rage immediately after, if this doesn’t take your opponents tower, continue to try the push until your successful, you don’t want to be caught defending all the time with this deck because you have a lot of spells present.
Effective pushing combos
Basic push – Giant, Musketeer
Basic + - Giant, Musketeer, electro wizard
Double elixir Push – Giant, Balloon, rage (Not necessary but Musket or electro wizard, never both)
I recommend you use either zap or fireball to aid these pushes, you can use them for any of the pushes.

Few tips
If by any chance you found this deck when you just lost a string of battles and you want to change your old deck, I recommend you have some practice with this deck first, in classic challenge or friendly battle but I don’t recommend you rush into this deck if not it wont be successful. This deck takes some getting used to especially since it is spell heavy.


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